Tiare Amour™ perfume. White Frangipani, tiare, tropical.

Tiare Amour ™ perfume spray. Tiare Amour means Flower Love.

Flower tucked behind your ear.
Make your way into Gauguin’s Tahitian paintings…
Fragrant blooms, white sand, tropical breezes.

In Tahiti, if a tiare flower is worn behind the
left ear it means that love has been taken.
If worn on the opposite side it means the heart
is open for love. Wave your tiare flower behind
your head, means follow me.

Romantic, feminine, soft but voluptuous.

White florals, tropical and spring notes.
One 15 ml concentrated perfume spray
Arrives in white gloss box.

fits in jeans or pocket
chic and portable
perfect for travel