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Exquisite small batch fine fragrance, natural perfumes and beauty.
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Luminos Perfume is here
From BeautyNewsNYC -
A resounding wow to Brooklyn’s Curious Apothecary.
You’ll be stunned by the quality of this small batch,
artisan crafted fragrance line particularly the incredible Luminos, 
a unique blend of creamy sandalwood and mysteriously tantalizing moonlit spices.
The precise blend is wrapped in an exquisite-smelling enigma
Theme Fragrance | As seen in as seen in Fast Company - Best of Artisan Cosmetics,
           Anthropologie, Bride's, American Salon, BeautyNewsNYC, Design Sponge. 
Unique blends of good chemistry, fine fragrance, perfume sprays
natural perfumes, solid perfumes, botanic face serums, lip balms,
the best natural deodorants vegan and baking soda free.

          We stock gourmand  and unique fragrances with notes of Citron, Macaron, Rose, Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Wild flowers, Petals, Coco milk, Lavender, Cardamom, Clove, Patchouli fragrances and we are considered a niche, indie perfume company. We specialize in the best tropical perfumes with notes of papaya, mango, coconut, tiare, frangipani, passion fruit!


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