Natural Luxe Mineral Vegan Deodorant by Curious Apothecary. Aluminum free, Baking soda free.

 Top selling Best Natural deodorant - Baking soda free, shea free, propylene glycol free, potassium aluminum free. The one that actually works! Made with premium cocoa butter, coconut oil.

  • This luxe natural deodorant contains premium cocoa butter and coconut, but yet is non greasy and glides on like silk. Cocoa butter and Coconut oil are premium skin softeners and coconut oil is naturally antibacterial! 
  • Baking soda free, shea free and potassium alum free.
  • We use essential oil blends that are not only great smelling but very effective at stopping odor. This vegan natural wax formula can stand up to hot weather.
  • Our powerhouse formula includes a specific amount of magnesium to control odor and it works!
  • There is no adjustment period, no red itchy underarms like deodorants using baking soda. No unsanitary dipping into a jar.  No white residue left on clothes.
  • This 2 ounce deodorant is made in the USA.