Sarong™ Perfume Spray by Theme Fragrance. Vanilla Coconut Beach Perfume. 15 ml

Sarong Perfume Dreamy Vanilla Tropical fragrance. If you like tropical scents, you may have just met your favorite. Luscious creme de coconut, white vanilla sand, and night blooming flowers for an island girl. Year round favorite! From the beaches of Brazil to Hawaii this can be your scent sensation.

from Meg's Makeup
Theme Fragrance Sarong Perfume What a concept.. Not a drop to be lost and wasted by clumsy hands! Watch it go on.. Put it wherever you want to smell wonderful and make anyone near you go bananas! It’s no wonder Brides Magazine has advertised it.. Men go wild over this stuff.. I still don’t know what it is, but every time I have this on.. watch out Lucy! The last time I was somewhere where ladies could be topless (not me though) was on a second honeymoon to the French Polynesians islands of, Bora Bora.There was always that amazing scent of vanilla and coconut in the air. Sarong perfume roll-on brings back those amazing memories. It reminded me of the evenings we’d be sitting out on our over the water bungalow patio gazing at the most amazing sky. I could still smell this in my minds eye.. Shut your eyes.. Luscious crème de coconut and awesome floral notes. Yummy! It makes me want to dig my feet into the white sand in my mind! I have no doubt that this is their best seller. It rolls on without being too oily or sticky. I love It’s adorable design, it also small enough to carry with you until you can make it back to your dream vacation place!

Whether you summer or dream of summering year round at my top beach picks Theme Fragrance Sarong can transport you there!
Siesta Beach (Sarasota, Fla.)
Coronado Beach (San Diego, Calif.)
Cape Hatteras (Outer Banks, N.C.)
Main Beach (East Hampton, N.Y.)
Kahanamoku Beach (Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii)
Coast Guard Beach (Cape Cod, Mass.)
Beachwalker Park (Kiawah Island, S.C.)
Hamoa Beach (Maui, Hawaii)
Cape Florida State Park (Key Biscayne, Fla.)
Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY)
Jones Beach (L.I. New York)
Sea Bright (Jersey Shore, NJ)

"I got to love this item for approximately one wearing before my daughter took for herself. She was over the moon for it! Guess I will have to get another for me! So we both can smell lovely and delicious."

"With this order I also recieved a sample of Sarong. I've never been tempted to try this becasue I generally don't like coconut scent. I normally find them to be overpowering and cheap smelling. However I love this. It is soft sweet, and anything but cheap. I already know that I'll be placing another order as soon as my rather generous sized sample runs out."

One 15 ml perfume spray.
Packaged in gloss box.

Chic and portable
Perfect for travel