Lilavati ™ perfume spray. A lush mango citrus

Lilavati Perfume spray by Theme Fragrance lush mango citrus. 
Lilavati is an elegantly luscious mango fragrance-juicy without being over sweet, touched with a tiny hint of patchouli in the dry down.

The word Lilavati itself means beautiful or one possessing beauty (lila-beautiful, vati-female possessing the quality.)

A dream of India and the far east, lying under the shade of a mango tree.

Some other fascinating information about Lilavati!

Bhaskara's treatise on mathematics in the twelfth century- "Lilavati"(named after his daughter) includes a number of methods of computing numbers such as multiplications, squares, and progressions, with examples using kings and elephants, objects which all people could understand.

Whilst making love a necklace broke.

A row of pearls mislaid.

One sixth fell to the floor.

One fifth upon the bed.

The young woman saved one third of them.

One tenth were caught by her lover.

If six pearls remained upon the string

How many pearls were there altogether?

15 ml / 1/2 ounce spray
fits in jeans or pocket
chic and portable
perfect for travel