EverydayfolkCo. Northern Lights Winter Hearth Coconut Wax Candle. Crackling fireplace holiday scent

EverydayfolkCo. Northern Lights Winter Hearth Candle. A wonderful candle gift and element for fine home decor. Coconut Wax candle 9 ounces in amber jar. Cozy to the max. This scent is a blend of the best a crackling winter hearth, wood smoke and classic scents of Holiday. One of our customer favorites. 

• Set the mood in your home with inviting scent and light!
• We use 100 per cent Coconut Wax in our candle wax blend.
• Our wicks are braided cotton with paper core, zinc and lead-free.
• Highly scented | phthalate free
• Long lasting burn time | approximately 40-50 hours
• 9 ounce jar | reusable after use
• Handmade in the USA