Curious Apothecary Mineral Day Deodorant. Magnesium deodorant. Best Natural Deodorant. Citrus Mint, natural, vegan, baking soda free

Curious Apothecary Mineral Day Deodorant. Top selling magnesium rich deodorant - The Best natural deodorant  - Citrus Mint, natural, vegan, baking soda free, alcohol free, paraben free. This gorgeous minimal chic looking deodorant took a long time in the making.

An original formulation to the beauty marketplace - deodorant that you do not have to apply with your fingers from a jar (not sanitary), will not melt in summer or warm weather, has a great glide and essential oil scent, and that is not super greasy, or stains your clothes. No baking soda! Yes, aluminum free and effective!

This was created with a blend of vegan waxes, coconut oil that is antibacterial, and utilizes the magnesium mineral as a deodorizing agent. We hand pour each container and as this is a natural product there will be slight variations in appearance but not formula!

(This is not an antiperspirant- as in keeps you dry, but it is an aluminum free deodorant that is sure to please and will keep you in normal situations smelling nice!)

  • aluminum free
  • alcohol free
  • natural scent
  • vegan
  • baking soda free

A couple happy underarm passes and you are good to go.

Scented in a cooling yummy citrus mint that does the trick.

Curious and Comforting!

P. S. We cannot determine how you "sweat" but this was tested under normal day activities.

If you need an antiperspirant - aluminum types are still the standard for dry underarms.  Antiperspirants work by blocking the sweat glands will last longer than deodorants.


TIP: How to be smell really nice - deodorants and antiperspirants are meant to stay close to the skin. What does this mean to you? Before you apply one or the other make sure your underarms have been cleaned - mechanically using a wash cloth to remove the residue from your deodorant/antiperspirant from the day before. Then immediately after you shower dry your underarms throughly, and THEN apply your deodorant!