Balancing Cleansing Balm Stick by Curious Apothecary. Naturally refreshing. Made with coconut oil.

Balancing Cleansing Balm Stick by Curious Apothecary. Naturally refreshing fabulous product for those of you who want a clever way to travel with a face wash in your bag for travel or perhaps to take to the gym.

Wet face with warm to hot water. Quickly swipe the balm around your face. Massage into skin, then rinse with warm water. This quickly removes makeup, dirt and oil and removes without stripping the skin. Unlike other cleansing balms this does not require magic muslin clothes to remove heavy oils, and butters. This is why we call our the Balancing balm! Just nice clean pretty skin. This will not strip skin unlike soap.

We use coconut oil because it is a superior emollient, antibacterial and a great addition to any beauty routine.

Coconut oil has been a standard beauty regimen for skin and hair treatments for hundreds of years!

This product is packaged in 1 ounce travel stick and should not be left in the shower -  or water introduced into it.

Easy beauty care.

I use it and love it!

This is scented with rose essential oil, You can also apply this and then apply a hot wash cloth to the face for a relaxing treatment. Also wonderful after a long gym workout to remove sweat and oils from the skin.

 Try it!

  • All skin types, but best for normal to dry skin
  • Travel friendly
  • Conditions face, skin and brows
  • Easy to use - creates a milky emollient cleanser with water
  • Home spa treatment and aromatherapy
  • Cruelty free

Key ingredients - coconut oil, rose essential oil, vegan waxes, eco emulsifier and surfactant, and preservative