Alpha Lipoic acid 5% Ultra Nutrient 12 Oil Serum. Super serum

New Day Hi Potency Alpha Lipoic acid Ultra Nutrient Oil Serum by Curious Apothecary. 5% Alpha Lipoic serum with superior and beneficial oils for the skin including - coconut oil, hazel nut, avocado, meadowfoam, sesame oil, squalane derived from olives, sea buckthorn pulp oil, rosehip oil, borage seed oil, carrot seed oil, cranberry, argan, vitamin e. Anti aging, firming, moisturizing, skin renewal. The color is naturally derived from seabuckthorn.

What Alpha Lipoic can do for your skin -

  • Antioxidant 
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Universal Anti oxidant - Powerful because it is water and fat soluble
  • Reduction fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Enhances collagen
  • Sun damage repair 

This serum can be used as is, or our favorite way to use it is with our favorite moisturizers. As this is very potent, if unfamiliar with Alpha Lipoic and the natural oil ingredients please patch test it and limit the usage to twice a week to start.

New Day, New Glow!

1 ounce bottle  | naked packaging (no waste)

This serum will last you months.

Please keep in a cool dark place when not in use.