Theme Fragrance Reviews

This is some of our customer feedback!

"this is my absolute all time favorite perfume ever! please never ever stop selling it. "

"Just wanted you to know that I am LOVING your products. Current absolute faves: Rose & Honey serum, little Honey soaps, and the essential oil rollers (reminds me of Aveda, but better). Don’t stop!"


"omg, heaven on earth! what a scent! so glad i discovered your co."

"Excellent transaction and experience. I can't say enough positive things about this company and appreciate the fantastic customer service. A well deserved 5 stars!"

I hesitated on using the mineral b mask because I am so sensitive to everything and my skin has been a total mess since I got to az... stress? Sun? Dog?? I even went and got prescription stuff that didn't help at all.. I decided a few days ago, why not try the mask?And was really shocked!! It calmed down everything and made my skin feel super soft!! So big thanks again!!! Another great product!

" Perfect shopping experience!
If only every company had it this together.
The Citrus Mint Mineral Deodorant is the best natural deo I have ever tried (I have tried so many).
It lives up to it description 100% and then some…I have very sensitive skin and this has not caused me any itching or rash.
The scent is subtle and fresh, it’s not sticky, does not leave marks or stains, and it actually works!
I liked it so much I ordered one for all the ladies I love who I know care about using a natural product.
Also, LOVE the lip gloss!!!"

"The beauty of this scent is playfulness of sugar cookies, and the sophistication of a macaroon. I thought it might turn into a different scent as I wore it throughout the day, but stayed on beautifully."

I absolutely loved shopping with you! The perfume Majickal Moon is absolutely amazing! I've received compliments on the very first wear.

"OMG this stuff is amazing ... Makes everyone around you want touch you and be in your face/presence ... Don't stop making this product ... My first time ordering this scent. I will follow up with you tho .. God bless you ... Very nice presentation too!!!"

"These fragrance smells so good! Have been wearing it constantly. The pumpkin smell comes out and I usually don't like lavender. But with the pumpkin it's amazing! I've bought two bottles to make sure I have enough highly recommend ! "


" I couldn't be more smitten by this perfume and seller. Not only did they answer my question promptly and honestly but my delivery arrived almost 2 weeks ahead of the estimation. My search is over for my "autumn scent" and I can't wait to find out about the other unique perfumes they offer. Thank you. "

"I just received my Theme Fragrance order. I love the "Luminos" fragrance. It will join "Sarong" as one of my favorites."

"You guys are honestly the best ever, been loving you since your Etsy days! I ALWAYS get compliments. Just ordered Mixed Metaphor and Velvet Revolution, and honestly no one does patchouli like you do. I will forever love your scents, and THANK YOU for keeping the prices the same even with your success! " 

"Loving these perfumes. Perfect for summer and thank you for replying to my questions always. You got yourself a loyal customer."

"I was having worst day today. Until I got your package. The tissue paper, the free tealight,lipgloss,sample perfume...then MY PERFUME ORDER!!wow???
You made my heart smile. I love love live Vanilla Souffle❤⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

"Amazing! I absolutely love this scent. Wonderful experience with Theme Fragrance. Can't wait to try more products, but I Am Kitten is definitely my new go to perfume."

"This arrived very quickly and is the most beautifully packaged item I have ever purchased. The perfume smells beyond amazing.. it is just what I imagined it would be. Thank you so much! I will definitely be back for more ❤️

"Just wanted to say my parcel arrived safely and thank you so much for the lovely little extras! Unfortunately I have a terrible cold right now so cannot actually smell the perfumes but my husband says they are truly beautiful - "the essence of summer"! "

"Sexy and lovely! I love all the scents I have ever purchased from this seller! You will never be disappointed buying from her."

"This is my 3rd time ordering from this company and I get happier and happier every time. Fig Charming is a repurchase for me (bought a little over a year ago) and a forever fave. I've never been disappointed in a new scent. The shipping is the fastest I've ever experienced with any company, my packages have always been so neat and secure and I want you to know that I think your products and services are out of this world! I am proud to recommend this company to everyone who compliments my perfume. I also wanted to thank you for the little extras I get in packages every time I order. It's how I discovered Fig Charming when I ordered Honey Love a while back. I'm an incredibly happy customer! Thank you for everything"

"Wow! Where do I start? Arrived adorably packaged, with some very sweet extras... but the best part is the quality of the scents! These are very well crafted, with noticeable shifts in notes as they dry down and wear on throughout the day- a true olfactory delight! I am head over heels for all 4 scents I choose in my sample pack- they are very accurately described in the listings, and are true to what I expected (better, even!) Now the hard part will be deciding which one (or ones) I'd like to place an order on for a full size bottle! Thank you so much, keep up the amazing work"

"I have ordered from Theme before and knew I would be thrilled with my purchase. I am more than thrilled. They continue to impresses in speed, quality and appearance. Always a pleasure and I will return."

"Very nice seller, glorious fragrances, beautifully packaged and shipped so quickly! Wonderful in every regard"

 "Amazing products that smell like a little bit of heaven!! I am so impressed and will be back for more!!!"

  "There is one terrible thing about Themefragrance perfumes... I like all which I already tried and there are only a few I haven’t tried yet. I like even the one which I'd never expect to. Of course some of them I like more, but there is no one which I don’t like at all. Truly amazing perfumes and very recommended place. I won’t stop until I try all of them:) My every order is always send very fast, products have very elegant presentation and everything is always really elegantly packaged. Thank you for another great experience!"


"WOW! Packaging and presentation was top notch!!! I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging, it almost made me forget about the perfume! Sarong is a very lovely, warm, beachy scent. Thanks so much <3 "

 "I think this is my third time ordering! I love your products and when I wear Sarong, I feel so strong and pretty. ALWAYS get compliments! Thanks for all you do - you are so talented!"

 "I am absolutely in love with Theme Fragrance! I want to try them all & plan to eventually! Artisan perfume at its best!"

 “Okay. WHERE have you been all my life? I cannot even begin to tell you HOW long I’ve been searching for my Holy Grail fragrance. I’m so happy that I found it here with you!! I am speechless at how ebullient, luscious, and GORGEOUS your fragrances are! I just tried Love Letter and it’s the most romantic, the most exquisite scent I’ve ever tried. I’ve been searching for so long...and here it is. Please don’t ever stop making fragrances. You are a true artist.”


“I have spent thousands of dollars in the past 8 years on a personal fragrance quest. And I am happy to report that my quest ends here.Your Sarong fragrance is me in a bottle! I am stunned at the lasting power and quality of this fragrance oil! They are instant mood lifters and I can’t wait to smell them all! Now, if you would just make body products to match I would be in heaven!! Hugs to you- “

“I love Theme Fragrance! Multo bella! I give it to all my friends, business associates and people I really want to impress with my splendid taste. 

I’ve never hit a wrong note!”

Jacquelyn Mitchard, author, ‘The Deep End of the Ocean’ and ‘Cage of Stars’

“These are great perfumes!!! The item was promptly shipped and I received the BEST customer service. Thanks!”

“ I am going to have such a wonderful time testing out each of these perfumes. I’m starting with Sarong and so far, it’s a wonderfully sensual, warm fragrance. I sniffed the other ones too and I absolutely LOVE Love Letter. It’s an unmistakable, unapologetic rose, but it’s an incredibly modern take on rose. I was very pleasantly surprised. They’re all absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be back for my favorites”

“I really purchased these on a whim -- cute names, and some fun scent combinations ... and I was pleasantly surprised. Initially, some of these top notes are just a bit sharp and bright for me, the middle notes are smooth, but the drydowns are the big bonus -- very subtle and warm. Wearable and surprisingly elegant. Definitely worth a try if you like fragrances that evolve -- thank you so much, Beth!”

“I love all of these. I will be back for a large size when I can decide which one I love the most!”

“Absolutely wonderful! They all smell wonderful, but I tried the Sarong as soon as I opened it. I can’t stop smelling my arm! 

“Love the fragrances the only problem I can see is which one I should wear each day? I love them all so much that I am rotating wearing each one lol”

“a lovely spring summer scent that reminds me of weekends spent at the beach with my family!”

“Can’t say enough how much I love this perfume! It is a rich, true rose -- NOT sickly sweet, but the lush heart of what you want a red rose to smell like. It is just as good as you imagine an American Beauty rose should smell like. Ahhh! Love it! 

“The packaging for this is so beautiful! The fragrance exceeds my expectations; it smells WONDERFUL! Can’t wait for the next order.” 

“Love these! This is the only thing I wear and get compliments all the time, and of course send them to you! Thank you so much!”

"Theme delivers once again and it is wonderful. My only regret is I don't have a swimming pool full of this scent to dunk myself in, it's that good. I hope you come up with more citrusy stuff!"

"so beautifully packaged - I felt like it was my birthday!!"

"Product is wonderful, but what amazed me even more was the beautiful presentation of my items. I will definitely come back."

"I purchased this as a long over due gift for myself :) I had high expectations due to your beautifully descriptive listings and this amazing fragrance far exceeded them! I am so very happy with my choice and I know this is my new signature fragrance. I have gotten so many compliments and I've only been wearing it a couple hours :) Beautifully packaged as well. Thank you so very much!"

"Exactly what I hoped for, sexy beachy smell...and a little goes a long way. My Husband loves this scent..."

"Great perfume! The little sample was a pleasant surprise. I wouldn't have thought about getting that particular scent but now I think I will! Shipping was super fast. I wasn't expecting to receive it so soon"

"Love, love, love these little mini perfumes! They are so cute and the perfect size for tucking in a purse or pocket. Great scents, too!"

"I really am enjoying this fragrance, I usually can't wear perfume it bothers me BUT this ONE is perfect smells so natural and DOES NOT irritate my skin, Definitely will be a repeat customer, THANK YOU"

"Gorgeous scents!! Sarong really is amazing. Shipped super fast and packaged like a gift with a few surprise goodies. Great products and a great seller to buy from. Thank you!! A++++"

"Loved this! It was so fun getting to try several different fragrances, sometimes it's so hard to tell which ones will actually work for you from a description. My only problem now is picking which ones are my favorite to get in a full size!"

"Marisol is a beautiful neroli scent - my favorite!! Love it! Fast shipping & lovely packaging. I am absolutely in love with Theme Fragrances! I want to try them all & plan to eventually! Artisan perfume at its best!"

"I have been dreaming about getting this for summer ever since I had a sample last year. It is just so addicting! My package arrived very quickly, and I felt like I was receiving a gift. It was all dressed up and had some generous samples with it. Thank you so much!"

"such an amazing scent! i got this for my friends birthday and it arrived packaged and with some extra treats! i absolutely love the smell, and so will she! fast fast shipping and a great seller! xo"