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Roll On Theme Fragrances: Subtly Sweet!

Ever been overwhelmed by the smell of someone's perfume? It can be difficult to spritz on just the right amount of your favorite scent, but thanks to Theme Fragrances you don't have to! Just roll their sleek, compact fragrance bottles on your pulse points and rub to release the scent. We love mixing the different scents together to create something unique!
Our favorite scent is Sarong, a mix of vanilla, coconut, and florals. We love it layered overLilavati (mango citrus) or Lotus (florals, fresh tea, and sandalwood). It's like bringing your summer vacation back to school with you! The roll ons dry instantly and offer subtly sweet scents that won't overpower the person sitting next to you. The bottles are small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet in case you need to reapply during the day.

Theme Fragrance 5 ml roll on bottles cost $10 each at If you're stuck on spray perfume, they also come in eau de parfum sprays for $15.50 each. To find out which scents you like best, try their Mini Spray Sampler - pick four sample-sized sprays for $12.50. These make great gifts too! Categories:

Etsy Weekend � Theme Fragrance

August 23, 2009 by Michelle Smith
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Etsy weekend shopping…….Earlier this Spring I reviewed a few of the Theme fragrances � Sarong, Mantra, and Song. I loved the Mantra and I still wear it frequently. I liked the fragrances in the roll-on container, because it�s great for travel or throwing in my purse. The Theme fragrances are made to be worn alone or layered together.

Theme Sample Size photo Michelle

Theme encourages shoppers to purchase the sample sizes of their scentsin order to find their favorite. For $12.50 you can get 4 of the 2ml size sprays. You can choose between Sarong,Sarong Noir, Frolic, Bikini, Lotus Lake, Love Letter, Tehani, Seashell, Mantra, Song, Marisol, or Lilavati.

Theme now has their best-selling fragrance Sarong, a tropical vanilla scent, available in a glycerin-base soap. Or try the Sarong Rich Body Creme. It�s made with skin-loving shea butter and it�s available in a 3 ounce jar.

theme sarong soap Michelle

Watch for Theme�s newest fragrance, Charming Velvet. It will be available this Fall, 2009.

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Theme Fragrance Sarong Noir

American Salon Magazine
Frolic Eau de Parfum

Shopping: Sarong Noir & Tehani - new releases from Theme Fragrance

Written by Livia, on 15-06-2009 04:30

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sarongnoir.jpgIf you're a fan of tropical-scented fragrances, Theme Fragrance have released two brand new fragrances that you may enjoy - "Sarong Noir" and "Tehani".

According to the Theme Fragrance Etsy shop, "SARONG NOIR is a scintillating vanilla scent with subtle notes of resin, woods, delicate fruit, and white florals.

An exotic twist on our classic SARONG, that I am sure that you will fall in love enchanting and enticing perfume..."

Theme's other new scent is Tehani, which is described as: "Tahitian Floral Allure..Escape to paradise with TEHANI.

TEHANI translated from Tahitian means 'the sweet smelling caress of flowers'. With this fragrance we have created a lush exotic scent of tropical flowers,fruit and almonds."

Both Sarong Noir and Tehani can be purchased directly from the Theme Fragrance Etsy shop, and come in either a 5ml roll-on for $10 US or a 15ml (half-ounce) eau de parfum spray for $12.50 US.

Pocket-size Scent From Theme Fragrance

March 13, 2009 by Michelle Smith
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Theme Fragrance just released two new scents - Mantra and Song. I had the opportunity to try both of these, plus their best-selling Sarong scent, too.

Theme Fragrances are meant to flatter the individual�s own style. You can layer them to create something unique or wear them on their own. They come in a solid perfume or a roll-on oil, both are the perfect size to slip into your purse, pocket, or makeup bag.


Mantra, a �sensuous honeyed musk,� also carries notes of spring florals. It has a powdery scent and it�s now my new favorite. This is a soft, romantic musk - I keep sniffing my arm, where I applied it. It�s very nice and only $7.50 if you purchase it from the Theme Fragrance shop, at (They are going to be carrying it at their main Theme Fragrance shop, very soon).


Song is a �breath of green, and tuberose, and woods.� It�s a definite floral scent, but it�s not your mother�s floral - it�s fresh and zingy. My daughter snagged it immediately. (She�s always doing that to me). Both Mantra and Song ship in Theme Fragrance�s signature travel box.

The Mantra and Song samples were roll-on oils, but the Sarong came in a solid, like a little pot of lip balm. The strongest fragrance note was the coconut, but it also carries vanilla and �night-blooming flowers.� The scent was so familiar to me, but I couldn�t think of why. Then, it occurred to me that it smells like Summer. It has a youthfulness to it. The perfect fragrance to wear with a sundress and a tan.

Both oil and solid disappear into your skin - no sticky mess - leaving behind only scent.

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O*BALMah Balms GLAMOUR France!

La Obamania sur vos lèvres


Le nom du président américain encore détourné
22 janvier 2009

On ne compte plus le nombre de marque qui ont détourné le nom de Barack Obama pour booster les ventes de leurs produits. Dernière en date, la marque américaine Theme Fragrance, qui vient de lancer un baume à lèvres au nom sans équivoque : O balm ah! Et pour en faire la description, le site internet qui le commercialise n�y va pas de main morte : « Répare, rénove et redonne vie ! ». Un peu comme Barack Obama lui-même. On attend avec un impatience de nouveaux produits qui détourneraient le nom du nouveau président comme, pourquoi pas, "GlossBama" ou "Glow-Bama"… (M.B)
Voir le site


More O*BALMah!




O*BALMah Balms!! LA Pretty and The Nest

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama to save our skin (sort of)

Don't have time to stop by Recess for your inauguration special eco-friendly mani/pedi? Well Obama can still be in your beauty routine today by picking up Theme Fragrance's O Balm ah! This soothing skin balm can save your skin, just like how Obama's administration (we hope!) will save our economy. I'm sure all those people who waited in the freezing, D.C. weather to see the inaugruation in person which they had a pot of this right now!


Gear Up for Change

Yes we can find you hip inauguration accessories!



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O*BALMah Lip Balm

Presidential pun alert! A portion of sales of this lip soother goes to literacy-promoting organizations.


Theme Fragrance on the Air! Tampa Bay Mix/Beauty SchoolWednesday

Beauty School Wednesday, September 3rd

By Jackie Silver

Category: General Date: 09/01/2008

We've got the latest, greatest beauty products to keep you informed and Aging Backwards!

Theme Fragrance - Luv the roll-on!

Life is busy! Theme is designed so you can throw it in your bag or back pocket. THEME, broken up, become THE-ME - your OWN fragrance. Every day should feel like summer or a vacation, just something special like having your own "love letter." That's how Beth Morrison, the designer of Theme Fragrance, describes the line. "I love it when my customers mix the perfumes together, like Love Letter with Sarong or Sarong with Frolic."

Beth's tips for fragrance are to be more subtle than brash. "I love it when someone smells divine, but doesn't knock you out with the perfume. Fragrance should blend with the person and create something special rather than scream. It's more enticing to have people want to lean and get closer for a sniff of the fragrance! I love the idea of spraying perfume on the back of the neck, or only behind the knees!" -- Beth Morrison

THEME FRAGRANCE Love Letter Perfume Roll-on Modern Rose as reviewed by meg's makeup

Theme Fragrance�s Love Letter is a fabulous update on a very, very classic fragrance. Rather than being straight rose with other florals, Theme mixes it with unlikely topnotes. When it first hit my nose, I was shocked- I wholly expected it to be very romantic and flowery, but instead, there are almost citrusy-fruity topnotes that quickly blend nicely with the middle note of rose.

Theme Fragrance describes it as: �Sparkling Rose Notes with notes of fall fruit and summer berries. This is a delicious crisp and modern rose fragrance.� I couldn�t agree more! It�s still got the romance and class of the rose floral, but the topnotes take it into the 21st century-
like getting a love letter through email!

The one small problem I have with this fragrance is that it seems to fade very quickly on my skin. But fear not! This fragrance comes in two forms- roll-on and a small spray bottle, both of which are perfect for portability. I now throw the roll-on in my growing collection of �purse fragrances� and it�s quickly become a favorite of mine. I dab a bit on the pulse point of my neck when I need a pick-me-up: seriously, this fragrance does wonders for my mood. Just a quick whiff and I immediately feel classier, more romantic, and a lot happier.

Another plus? The price! A lot of fine perfumes run expensive, but this one falls well under twenty dollars: 9.75 USD for the roll-on and 15.50 USD for the spray!

I definitely recommend picking this one up if you love romantic fragrances!

Celebrity Stylist Niki Shadrow "It's in the Bag"

Look what Niki found!
Celebrity Stylist Niki Shadrow "It's in the Bag"


My Mom is cooler than your Mom-Find out why...!

Eau de Notbabyfood

If you're suffering from Postpartum Fragrance Rut (PPFR) but you're not ready to delve back into the world of $70 an ounce eau de parfums, here's a thought: Elizabeth Morrison's artisanal theme fragrance collection of hand-poured perfumes.

I will be honest, with little roll-on style purse-friendly containers and prices high school girls could afford on allowance, I was not expecting a whole lot. But hey! They're nice!

Personally I liked the gentle floral Lotus Lake scent, but grab a sample box - just 4 bucks - and have fun picking your own fave. Then come back for the full up spray bottle, which still rings up under $20.

Who knows...maybe it gives you an excuse to get dolled up and go out more often. -Liz

Check out POSHMAMA Theme Fans!

Theme Fragrance says-

This is a great place to hang out online...

Posh Mama Online Magazine and Social Network is a positive and upbeat community made up of women from around the world. You will feel immediately welcomed as it is the sweetest spot on the 'net. Come hang out, network and make some great friends at


FROLIC through summer...our new fragrance!

the new addition to our fragrance line!

A dee-lightful, slighty sassy jasmine honeysuckle blend
with musk, the perfect accompaniment to summer!

from S-

Just received these today. Once again, lightning fast shipping and great packaging. Theme Fragrance roll-ons are packaged in handy little lucite boxes that are slim and perfectly packable for travel. This new fragrance, Frolic, is summery floral wonderful and very long-lasting. I put some on after my morning shower and still get whiffs of it in late afternoon and early evening. It's a terrific product and a great buy, much better than you'll find at the mall in some fancy-schmancey department store!

frolic defined
1 : to amuse oneself : make merry 2 : to play and run about happily

It's easy to enter for great goodies
at Theme Fragrance!