Best Lip balms - Pick a flavor - Creamy lip balms for soft lips.

The best lip balms in the universe. About our lip balms - These are a creamy lip balm and glossy finish. The tops of our lip balms are picture perfect without a hole in the middle. Our lip balms are emollient and long lasting. A nice lip balm to soften your lips! This is not from a base, and or made of strange ingredients or preservaives - yay! Packaged in oval lip balm tubes.

The best lip balm ever! It took us a long time to create a lip balm that actually stayed on your lips, made them soft and tasted delish. Here they are!

This is unsweetened- I find sweetened balms make you lick
your lips, and set off a cycle of more chapped lips.

Due to hot weather - we will not have these in stock until it cools off!

Materials: Natural vegan Waxes, Or Beeswax, Castor Oil, Flavor Oil, Essential Oil

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