B Beautiful Vitamin B and Minerals Clay mask with Brewers Yeast

B Beautiful Vitamin B and Minerals Clay mask with Brewers Yeast. Benefits of the mask include minerals in brewer's yeast including selenium, chromium, and zinc and a natural source of beta glucan. This may help problem skin with reducing inflammation and promoting better skin health. This is also good for anti aging.

This mask does NOT smell like yeast that you may know from baking bread. What it will do is promote your skin health!

We finely grind and blend the brewers yeast with a blend of kaolin and bentonite clay.

The mask is naturally unscented.

Why a powder? Preservative free and you can add your choice of liquid for its benefits. Use the measurements for a perfect heavy cream consistency. this mask should be applied in a thin layer and worked into the pores of the skin.

Exact measurements for use without waste

1 tablespoon mask

1 tsp liquid - water, milk, almond milk, tea

if you use a heavier liquid like milk or cream, you may have to add additional water to make a thin paste for skin

Leave on skin until dry - use a wet warm washcloth to gently remove from skin.

Yes! Use as a full face mask or spot problem mask. Test before using on full face to make sure you are not allergic!

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customer review -

"I hesitated on using the mineral b mask because I am so sensitive to everything and my skin has been a total mess since I got to az... stress? Sun? Dog?? I even went and got prescription stuff that didn't help at all.. I decided a few days ago, why not try the mask?And was really shocked!! It calmed down everything and made my skin feel super soft!! So big thanks again!!! Another great product! "

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