Deep Clean Charcoal Clay Face Mask by Curious Apothecary....

Posted on January 09, 2017 by theme fragrance

Deep Clean Charcoal Clay Face Mask by Curious Apothecary. Powerhouse facial with bamboo charcoal and kaolin and montmorillonite clays that work with all skin types.

Bamboo activated Charcoal is best known for its ability to draw out toxins as it is highly porous.

Montmorillonite clay detoxes the skin and has drawing and purifying activity. On it’s own it’s quite strong. Kaolin clay is for all skins and is very gentle. The two clays work together to make a balanced mask.

This is a great mask for problematic skin, acne prone.

Why a powder? Preservative free and you can add your choice of liquid for its benefits. Use the measurements for a perfect heavy cream consistency. this mask should be applied in a thin layer and worked into the pores of the skin.