Vanilla buttercream, frosting and marzipan! Snowbelle perfume....

Posted on December 07, 2015 by theme fragrance

Vanilla buttercream, frosting and marzipan!
Snowbelle perfume. New customer review -“I don’t know if Snowbelle is a seasonal scent, but I’m pretty sure it was absent earlier this year when I went looking to purchase another bottle. So I snatched it up as soon as I saw it this season! Grab it now, you can’t be too careful, and you won’t regret it one bit! I’ve sampled several of Theme’s vanillas (and more) and this one… Just This One! It’s soooo amazingly scrumptious!! Guh, so cute I can barely stand it. Super fast delivery, ordered from here several times over the last year, never a single moment of regret or disappointment. Trust me, you’ll be continuously impressed every time you use these products, and get all the compliments!” #themefragrance #snowbelleperfume #snowflake #perfume #giftforher #gift #giftguide #handmade #brooklyn @themefragrance #holiday #sistergift #girlfriendgift