Sea Splash Beach Hair Spray - Surfer Girl Beauty style

Posted on July 19, 2014 by theme fragrance

Sea Salt Hair Spray - Sea Splash Beach Hair Spray by Theme Fragrance. Hair body volume fragrance - Hair perfume. We love when people say “I like your hair” - try this!

Two ounces bottle of hair bliss. This high tech special blend formula with sea salt, camellia oil, and fragrance. This perfect formula gives you beach style hair without overly drying it, or making it greasy. We tested many formulas and we gave this five stars!

Spray on your wet hair, and then dry. Want a pieced look? Spray more. Scented with our special
blend of tropical flowers which won testers over!

You do not need a large bottle - this size bottle will last you a long time. We had testers with both long and short hair and this was an ample amount. Nor do you have to shake to blend!

Camellia oil has been used in Asia for hair and skin care.
(You can use this as a light scented body spray if you choose to do so)

Customer review -
“Even if the product did not FAR EXCEED my expectations- Bumble & Bumble take heed- I would have given five stars for the beautiful packaging and the free samples, which were NOT puny one time use trials but adorably wrapped, wonderful smelling spritz and lip balm, perfect for keeping in a small wristlets, or other small purse or your pocket. Back to the Beach Hair Spray. The smell is intoxicating, I don’t know why but I was prepared for just a nasty saline mixture. But on top of smelling great, it actually works! And for me it works as well as the major top selling brands, so I will be saying bye to B&B Hello to you! And FREE SHIPPING! You will get me every time with FREE SHIPPING”

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